About Dave

Dave Willis is a qualified B. K. Frantzis Energy Arts instructor and is a Registered Instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. He has been studying Tai Chi since 2000. He first studied under Brian Cookman, and in 2001 started training with Matthew Brewer. In 2003 he began training with B.K. Frantzis.

He holds instructor certificates in:

Dragon & Tiger Qigong12008
Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Neigong12009
Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form12012

Note on levels: these levels are from the old system. Under the new system level 1 has been converted to 3; level 2 to 5; and level 3 to 7.

He has been teaching Tai Chi for Chronic Pain and public classes since 2008. Presently he teaches in Deal and Folkestone.

Contact Details

Telephone number: 01304 375624