Workshops & Retreats

The Long Form Project

An extended series of Workshops and retreats on the Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form of Daoist Immortal Liu Hongjie as transmitted by master Bruce Frantzis.

The Plan

To offer four 10hr weekends (Sat & Sun) per year plus a seven day retreat (Sat- Fri) in June, with the option of attending for a shorter period, over four years or so (however long it takes to get through the form). It is also my intention to offer supplemental weekend courses on various aspects of the internal physical and energetic mechanics of Tai Chi (the 16 neigong).

We started in October 2022, but you may still join the project.

Who is it for

The short answer is ‘almost everyone’. The longer answer is here.



The Location: Whitstable, is a popular seaside town on the north Kent coast, sixty miles from London.

The venue: St Peter’s Church House, 154 Cromwell Rd, Whitstable CT5 1NA.

The seven-day retreat 2024:

The location: To be announced.

The venue: .

The Schedule (so far)

Weekends (in Whitstable):
2023 (Year 1-2)

Weekend 2.1: 9-10 September 2023 next
Weekend 2.2: 28-29 October 2023

2024 (Year 2-3)

Weekend 2.3: 27-28 January 2024
Weekend 2.4: 6-7 April 2024
Weekend 3.1: 7-8 September 2024
Weekend 3.2: 26-27 October 2024

Times: Sat 11.00-15.00 and 17.00-19.00; Sun 10.00-14.00.

2024 seven day Retreat (Retreat 2)

[Provisional] 15 – 21 June 2024 (7 days – you may attend for fewer)

Times: 9.00-13.00 daily (This is the format that Bruce used in his Boston LF trainings 2003-2007 and it worked extremely well, giving lots of time to practice and rest in the afternoons).


Please note, prices are subject to change without warning.

Year 2

2nd Weekend (2.2)  — 28-29 October 2023

Book by 14 September to get the early-bird discount, price: £100

Book by 14 October to get the discount, price: £150

Book from 15 October to pay the full price: £200

(Please note: If you show up on the day the cost is £250.)

To Register

Please contact Matthew.

Payment is via secure electronic invoice or BACS, which I’ll send once you have notified me that you wish to attend.