Heaven & Earth

Heaven & Earth Neigong

“Heaven & Earth stimulate each other and all things change and grow.” (Yijing hexagram 31)

Simple on the outside and complex on the inside, this is a popular and extremely powerful Daoist longevity practice. It is the foundation of all higher level Daoist energy and meditation work, including high level Tai Chi and Bagua.

According to B.K. Frantzis, no other simple two-movement exercise is as powerful as Heaven & Earth for promoting health.

The Benefits of Heaven and Earth:

  • It produces deep relaxation by releasing physical, emotional and mental tension
  • It improves circulation and breathing
  • It makes the body flexible and strong
  • It increases range of motion and strength in the joints and the back
  • It can help to heal back, neck, spine and joint problems, including problems such as Repetitive Stress Injury (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • It clears, balances and strengthens the liver

“Opening and closing is essential and lies at the root of understanding, within the physical body, how yin and yang functions and how to directly experience your qi. This is ultimately responsible for the changing functions of yin and yang within yourself and the universe.”

BK Frantzis, Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body, p.250

Heaven & Earth teaches many internal processes, including how to:

  • move qi through muscles, tendons and ligaments as you simultaneously either stretch or release them
  • open and close joints and body cavities without using muscular strength
  • apply Longevity Breathing in order to breathe from the spine
  • coordinate the ascending and descending flows of qi
  • circulate micro and macro-cosmic energy
  • absorb and project energy with the hands
This course is taught with the expectation that you are familiar with the material from Tai Chi Fundamentals.