What to Expect

What to wear:

Loose comfortable clothing and flat shoes. Avoid jeans or constricting clothes if you can.

What to expect in a class

Our classes are relaxed and friendly. We put a strong emphasis on the Golden Mean, which Bruce Frantzis calls the 70% rule. It is the most important thing anyone can learn from the internal arts. It is also one of the hardest things to learn as it goes against the “no pain, no gain”- “if you don’t push yourself to the limits you are a bad person”- mentality that dominates our culture. Our basic approach is “no pain, no pain”.

This is one of three main reasons why we take regular tea breaks throughout the classes: First, it helps reduce the tendency to strain when learning something new.

Secondly, it allows your system to absorb the information it has just been given. This greatly increases your ability to take on the material taught. If I continually taught for the entire class (and I have made that mistake before), by about half way through, or sooner, your ‘tea cup’ would be full and everything else would just pour over the brim. Worse still, what you first learned would be pushed out by what came later when you were tired and not taking things in as clearly. The result would be that you end up keeping much less of real quality than had you rested. Taking breaks and doing 70% is in fact the fast way to learn these things. Even though it feels like the slow way.

The third important reason for having tea breaks is so that you have time to chat and get to know your class mates. It is a great way to make friends.