Still Breathing

This course is a specific application of Longevity Breathing. It explores the breathing exercises in Master Bruce Frantzis’s first meditation book, ‘Relaxing Into Your Being’. While not meditation proper, these exercises are the foundation of Daoist Meditation, ‘Meditation Fundamentals’ if you like.

The Benefits of Still Breathing:

  • deeply relaxing
  • enables your mind to settle and concentrate for long periods of time on whatever you chose
  • reduce stress
  • calms the emotions
  • builds stamina
  • directly strengthens the body’s health and the mind’s clarity

A person’s time does not return again, the present does not once pause.
Thus in a person’s life, each breath is an attainment.
The previous breath is not the present breath.
Thus receive and cultivate it and renew your life.

(Guo Xiang’s commentary on Zhuangzi Chapter 3)

Daoist Longevity Breathing is especially useful to those with:

  • high levels of stress
  • anxiety
  • a restless mind
  • anyone who want sto become more present and alive

Breathing methods, from the simple to the complex, constitute, one of the sixteen components of the complete Daoist neigong system.

Anyone who can breathe is qualified for this course.

Recommended Reading

Frantzis, B.K., Relaxing Into Your Being (Berkeley: North Atlantic Books, 2002). ISBN: 1556434073

Frantzis, B.K., Chapter 5 ‘Breath & Chi’ of Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body, 2nd edition (Berkeley: Blue Snake Books, 2006). ISBN 1-58394-146-0.

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