Tai Chi (Taiji)

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Wu Style Taiji, Repulse Monkey

What is Tai Chi?

While legend(s) put its origins in the distant past, Tai Chi as we know it developed in China about 300 years ago as a combination of the best martial arts movements of the day and much older qigong and neigong energy practices. This combination proved very effective, not only for fighting but also for healing. Today the vast majority of people who practice Tai Chi do it for their health alone. It is now the most practised health exercise in the world.

There are many types or styles of Tai Chi which emphasize different aspects of the art, as a result some forms, such as the Yang Style are better if you are just physically weak, while others, such as the Wu Style that we teach, are better at healing damaged joints, tissue and organs. Others, such as traditional Chen Style require you to be healthy before you learn them. Martially, they are equally and highly effective, though each has its specialities.

The Wu Style that we teach is recognised as being particularly effective at healing the joints and internal organs. It contains many healing aspects that are rarely taught openly, even in China. It is also the only form that we know of to have been adjusted by a recognised Daoist immortal to accommodate true shengong (meditation).