Our Lineage

Bruce Kumar Frantzis

Formal disciple photograph of B.K.Frantzis with grandmaster Liu Hongjie

Matthew has been training with Master B.K.Frantzis since 1999.
Bruce Frantzis is the first known westerner to have received a complete Daoist lineage and to have been recognised as a Daoist master in China. As well as the Daoist Water method meditation lineage, he holds lineages in the second generation Yang and Wu Style Tai Chi, Bagua of the original Beijing School and Hsing I. For more information on B.K.Frantzis and his Energy Arts system visit his web site:

Energy Arts

Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper

In addition to training directly with B.K.Frantzis, Matthew has been training regularly with Brian Cooper, head of the Inside Tai Chi school in Brighton, England, since 2000. Brian has studied Qigong, Tai Chi and related practices since 1979 and has been studying with Bruce Frantzis since 1987. He has been teaching full time in Brighton since 1989. He is the top European student of master Bruce Frantzis and serves as technical advisor to the instructors certified by master Frantzis in the UK and Europe. For more information on Brian Cooper visit his web site:

Inside Tai Chi